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Longhai city hon kei food co., LTD is a company specializing in the production of biscuits food companies£¬Company is located in southern fujian zhangzhou golden triangle area£¬Adjacent to the xiamen special economic zone and shantou, dc£¬With road¡¢River and ocean shipping developed traffic advantages£¬The geographical superiority¡£
Hon kei grasps all rivers run into sea£¬Tolerance is a great business philosophy£¬Introductions sifang talent£¬Adhere to quality-benefit type development path£¬Constantly improve the enterprise's r&d ability¡¢The production technology level and market competitiveness£¬The move to hon kei emerge in many other manufacturers£¬The food producers to become enjoys great popularity¡£All of this£¬Because hon kei people always believe it£ºIs gold will shine£¡Service is only starting point£¬Happy ending¡£


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Insist on a natural¡¢The original¡¢Simple raw materials to produce high quality of a new generation of healthy baked goods¡ª¡ªHon kei food


Hon kei egger biscuits

Hon kei scallion pancakes

Hon kei hericium biscuits

Hon kei biscuits£¨No added sugar£©


Insist on a natural¡¢The original¡¢Simple raw materials to produce high quality of a new generation of healthy baked goods¡ª¡ªHon kei food


  • Three choose healthy cookies


    Cookies oil content£¬With a bit lighter can burn£¬And send out a heavy taste the taste of grease£¡¡±Nearly period of time£¬A video about biscuit was lit on weibo heat transfer£¬Some netizens said£¬Every day to eat into his mouth is¡°Flammable liquids¡±¡£In the face of oatmeal biscuits on the market¡¢Coix seed crackers¡¢Add calcium biscuits¡¢Yogurt biscuits and other products£¬Consumers should be how to choose the reasonable£¿1Grease composition is very important??????It was reported£¬Because the cookie contains a lot of carbohydrates£¬Can burn is a normal chemical phenomenon¡£At the same time£¬Biscuit in all contain starch and fat£¬And the food with high oil content£¬Is it easily

  • ¡¾Food¡¿ Why Chinese biscuits market potential is tremendous


    ¡¾Automobil food industry network¡¿Cookies foods after puffed food£¬Is the leisure of urban household consumption composite index ranked second¡£After decades of development£¬Cookies in the varieties in our country¡¢Taste¡¢Function¡¢Packing and so on have reached the unprecedented level£¬Profound changes have taken place in traditional biscuit market also¡£Look from the long-term trend£¬China will become Asia's biggest biscuit market£¬A vast space of sustainable development¡£¡¡¡¡What determines the market has a large cookies£¿¡¡¡¡A¡¢A large population in our country£¬Cookies total potential demand is very big¡£Whether it's large-scale comprehensive supermarket or small shop£¬The biscuit products